Submitted First Ever IPHONE app to Apple :)


Today, after 16 hours of learning and objective-c coding. I was able to submit a one screen application to apple’s app store. It’s under review now and let’s what happens next.

Overall it was pretty intense and researching experience – enjoyed it all the way. I am going to share some of the screenshots.

Motivation: For this was that i went to my doctor and he asked me to loose weight and do some exercise. which triggered me to do some research on reasons, and i found that BMI needs to be down and i need to loose around about 30 pounds  (:

Now, anyways – i haven’t done any exercise yet but did got motivated to write this small calculator for it. (Although i was also able to open my windows in office to get more sun, as it comes out that i have very low vitamin D – ugh…)

So, don’t bash me around – it’s my first one 🙂






4 thoughts on “Submitted First Ever IPHONE app to Apple :)

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