AX7 / VM running on-premises (Web Application gives 500 error)

After all the wait in the world, we finally have hands on the VM for AX 7.

VM Download:

You will need to login from partner source account

AX7 Wiki URL:

While setting up the VM, almost everything went smooth enough. However had single road blocker issue while running the web application for the AX7, the Batch Service and all other services ran pretty well.

Will elaborate issue below …


When you try to access base URL for the VM, you get an error saying it is unable to connect to server, with 500 error.


Run the “User Provisioning tool” as Administrator and provide the email address and hit Submit.

Submit - User Provision

After running the tool, it will update the settings and will show you success message. If there is any error, restart the system and try again.

After getting message for provisioning, hit the URL, give credentials from wiki page and you should be able to launch AX7.

Enjoy the new way of AX !!!

Update December 26, 2015:

While I am using Oracle VM Virtual Box – every time state was saved for the VM, I have to restart the machine again fully to AX 7 Web Site to work. Otherwise it will give 500 error as well. Just a point to note!