Dynamic Telerik Reports in Silverlight

We are going to start working on the dynamic report building thorugh telerik today. It will be a complete dynamic engine with flexibility to user to define following:

  1. Header
  2. Footer
  3. Column/ Fields that needs to be in the report
  4. Formatting Based on Type of Fields

going to take help from http://www.telerik.com/help/reporting/programmatic-control-of-reports.html, and will keep you people posted.

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    Telerik Reporting Deployment For Silverlight

    We were facing problem in deploying Telerik Report for Silverlight in Production Enviornment.

    The Solution to preblem is that to have the following assemblies are needed to be set as “Copy As Local = true” in your WEB PROJECT

    • Your Reporting Library For Telerik Reports
    • Telerik.Reportig
    • Telerik.Reporting.Service
    • System.ServiceModel

    Also, ReportService.svc needs to be exist at Root Folder of web project. (Although not necessary you can always change it from your code)

    I hope this saves somebody lots of time.