D365 -Publishing Entities (BYOD)

Microsoft released the Dynamics 365 on November 01, 2016. With that Microsoft also release the VM for the solution as well – you can download it from https://connect.microsoft.com/site1321/Downloads

(You need to be registered in the feedback program to download)

After setting it all up, I tried to publish the entities to external database. It all looked easy, but while trying to do faced some exceptions as it was not able to find assemblies to actually execute the publish commands.

Below is the first error received, the SMO assembly for SQL Server was not loaded. error-loading-assemly

Now to resolve this follow below steps:

  1. You can find this and other related assemblies in the C:\AOSService\PackagesLocalDirectory\Bin folder for your local VM.
  2. After locating the assembly – drag it to c:\windows\assembly folder on your local VM. It will register it in the GAC. Don’t get confused by the assembly version in the properties of it. It will correctly display as  in the GAC.
  3. Restart the “Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations – Data Import/Export Framework Service” from windows services
  4. Reset IIS from Command prompt running in Administrator mode
  5. Refresh the Dynamics AX, and publish the entities again after selecting


When you will refresh the page – you will see “published” column indicating the successful operation.


The database chosen for this will have the Schema published for the selected entities. Please note the name of the columns will be different than what actually are in the actual AX tables. I am sure you can change them – but that’s for some next article.

Example: SalesTable.SalesId == SalesOrderHeaderEntityStaging.SalesOrderNumber … (In Staging)


Next, you can use “Export” framework to export data to this database. Will find some time soon to go through further details on it. In the mean time please see Microsoft wiki on the topic. It’s a great help.

Until next time … Enjoy!




Create Sales Orders through code X++ (AX2012)

Useful code below for creating sales order quickly for testing purposes in scenarios where we have to test bulk sales orders and than do some packing slips and or invoice consolidation…

static void Job_CreateSalesOrderForTesting(Args _args)
    SalesId salesId;
    int counter = 0;
    container saleOrdersCon;
    str salesOrders;
    int size = 100;

    void createSalesTable(CustAccount _custAccount)
        SalesTable salesTable;
        NumberSeq NumberSeq;
        NumberSeq = NumberSeq::newGetNum(SalesParameters::numRefSalesId());
        salesTable.SalesId = NumberSeq.num();
        salesTable.CustAccount = _custAccount;
        salesId = salesTable.SalesId;

    void createSalesLine(SalesId _salesId, ItemId _itemId, str 50 _inventColorId, str 10 _inventSizeId, str 50 _configId, str 50 _inventLocationId)
        InventDim inventDim;
        SalesLine salesLine;

        select firstOnly inventDim
            inventDim.InventColorId == _inventColorId
            && inventDim.InventSizeId == _inventSizeId
            && inventDim.configId == _configId
            && inventDim.InventLocationId == _inventLocationId;

        if (inventDim){
            salesLine.SalesId = _salesId;
            salesLine.ItemId = _itemId;
            salesLine.InventDimId = inventDim.inventDimId;
            salesLine.SalesQty = 2; // You can add parameter for this as well
            (NoYes::Yes, // Validate
            NoYes::Yes, // initFromSalesTable
            NoYes::Yes, // initFromInventTable
            NoYes::Yes, // calcInventQty
            NoYes::Yes, // searchMarkup
            NoYes::Yes); // searchPrice

    for (counter = 0; counter < size; counter++){
        createSalesLine(salesId, '000023000', 'RED', 'L', 'CONFIG', '009');
        createSalesLine(salesId, '000024MMI', 'BLACK', 'M', 'CONFIG', '009');

Dynamics AX – Service EndPoints

The following table lists all the service endpoints that were available in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 and the new service endpoints that have been introduced in Dynamics AX.

Service endpoint AX 2012 Dynamics AX
Document Services (AXDs) Yes No – Replaced by data entities
SOAP-based Metadata Service Yes No – Replaced by REST metadata
SOAP-based Query Service Yes No – Replaced by OData
OData Query Service Yes No – Replaced by OData
SOAP-based Custom Service Yes Yes
JSON-based Custom Service No Yes (New)
OData Service No Yes (New)
REST Metadata Service No Yes (New)

For full details – please check AX Wiki:


Dynamics AX (Ax7) Layout

Here is how it looks with RTW (Release to Web) for Dynamics AX


New Dynamics AX Layout - Search Bar


The tiles are the main component of the office themed layout where you can put the links to your own workspace and also filter the tiles based on the role assigned to user.

New Dynamics AX Layout - Title

Collapsible Menu

The collapsible menu lists all the Modules, Workspaces and recent browsed pages for quick access. The menu can also be pinned down to make it stick.

New Dynamics AX Layout - Menu

The Layout as a Whole

New Dynamics AX Layout

Hope this gives some technical resources more appetite to look at this new amazing Microsoft’s AX release.

Enjoy !!!